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Construction technologies...

Construction technologies

A very important part of our work is to examine the technological possibilities that exist in Bulgaria, and to find new technological solutions based on European and world-wide experience. In our work as designers, we try to incorporate both time-proven standard techniques as well as more modern technologies, which help develop the building capability of the construction companies in Bulgaria.

We know and master all the existing technologies for construction in Bulgaria such as:

Structures for retaining of excavations

We develop structures for retaining of excavations, using leading technologies on the feeld of soilmechanical engineering. We are familiar with the potential of the greater companies, which are working on ths feeld in Bulgaria.


Retaining structures

Monolithic concrete structures

Steel Structures

Composite structures

Precast concrete

Prefabricated walls & thin slabs used for formwork

Strenghtening of existing structures

Wood structures


Structural statement